Marine Propulsion

Developments in AC drive system technology, improvements in performance and reliability and significant reductions in equipment cost have led to widespread and increasing popularity of electric propulsion for ships.

Power Generation & Distribution

From upgrading existing power plant and distribution systems to designing and building new systems from scratch MJR Power & Automation can design, build, obtain class approval, install and commission power and distribution systems on all types of vessels.

Automation & Control

As ships become ever more reliant on automation, reliability and availability of these systems are critical to safe operation of the vessel.

Modular Offshore Power

Modular power solutions (generally containerised) are a convenient means of providing systems for temporary use, or to reduce the time taken to construct and commission permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Hybrid & Fully Electric Power

In the push towards reduced and zero emissions marine and ports operations, many new build vessels are being equipped with hybrid power and propulsion plant, and existing tonnage is increasingly being converted to include at least some hybrid content.

Energy Storage

Hand in hand with hybrid and full electric power systems, goes a reliable and safe means of energy storage. For marine applications this is currently batteries although recent moves towards alternative fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and biofuels are gaining increasing traction.