Cable Ship Conversion & Mobilisation

Maersk Responder was delivered in 2000 as a Cable Installation Vessel and later converted to a Multipurpose Offshore Construction Vessel.

During this conversion all of the Hydralift cable installation deck machinery was decommissioned, removed and put into long term storage together with its associated control systems.

Substantial modifications were then made to the vessels electrical power distribution, data, communications, surveillance and control systems to prepare the vessel for her new role.

During 2008 the vessel was converted to her original configuration and the Hydralift cable machinery was reinstalled and re-commissioned over a 3 week refit period.

MJR Power & Automation carried out the entire electrical power, data, communications, surveillance, and control workscopes including…


  • Overhaul, repair and re-commissioning of all of the cable handling equipment that had been in storage for 5 years prior to vessel arrival. After such a long storage period this task was very involved and was undertaken over a 2 month period.
  • Workshop trials and testing of the full cable equipment spread prior to installation on the vessel.
  • Extensive control system & SCADA software modifications (Siemens S7 PLCs).
  • Installation of the control system and consoles into a containerised Cable Control Room (CCR).
  • Installation and commissioning of all deck machinery, CCR and cable plough spread.
  • Extensive modifications to the vessels electrical power distribution, data, communications, surveillance and control systems.

The re-installation was carried out in such a way that eventual demobilisation could be achieved rapidly and the vessel could be restored to a Multipurpose Offshore Construction role quickly.

This complex and heavily time constrained project is a great example of our diverse range of technical and project management skills, from software engineering to high power electrical systems and clearly demonstrates our ability to deliver complex turkey projects effectively.