Automation System Refit – RoPax Ferry

Over a two year period we have upgraded the complete Integrated Automation System on Stena Lines ‘Stena Caledonia’ in several stages.

Stage 1 comprised design, supply and replacement of the Main Engine Bearing Monitoring & Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring Systems.

This was supplied as a stand-alone system but with the ability to later be integrated into the replacement Machinery Monitoring System if installed.

We supplied individual mimic screens for each engine and completely replaced the bearing and exhaust gas temperature probes over a 10 day refit period.

1239184843-64921400Stage 2  The success and reliability of the earlier work led to an order to replace the remaining automation system, a Decca ISIS 200 system. However, this time the vessel could not be taken out of service and we were faced with having to carry the work out during the normal service schedule.

Installation of the system took place alongside the existing system and with very careful interface engineering we were able to run both systems in parallel and swap I/O over from the orginal to the new system in sections during port calls and layover days.

In order to minimise cost, all of the existing temperature sensors and pressure transmitters were re-used. A particular feature of this project was interfacing to the existing pressure transmitters which were of a non standard voltage supply and output range. This required bespoke power supply and interfacing design, all of which was carried out by our in house design and engineering team.

The Main Engine Bearing Monitoring & Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring Systems were then integrated into the new system and the project was a great success.

This is yet another example of our expertise and experience in the detailed engineering of a retrofit system to enable fast and trouble free installation, even with the vessel in service.