Active heave compensation of ROV, AUV & Trencher LARS; Subsea Cranes; Lift Winches and Deep Water Lowering Systems; Well Intervention Systems; IMR Systems; IWOC Systems, Drill String Compensators; Flying Sheave Compensators and Survey Equipment.
Stabilisation of lifting, helideck and antenna platforms; walk to work and personnel access systems.

Easy to Operate

Intuitive Operator Interface presents operational information in a clean and uncluttered style, whilst a rich functionality provides sophisticated diagnostics and data logging. Remote access via vessel VSAT is available for cost effective technical support.


High integrity design approach provides robust system safety and minimises operational downtime. Capable of operating with redundancy of critical components for enhanced availability, with duplicate X-Wave™ cores for the most demanding applications.


Control a wide range of equipment including rotary (winch) or linear (cylinder) type actuators, either electrically or hydraulically powered. Interface to all types of deck equipment, machinery and actuators.

Simple Configuration

Save time and simplify commissioning with a range of wizard based system configuration and setup tools. More than 300 parameters (Alarms, Inputs, Outputs and Internal Variables) can be customized without the need to change a single line of software.

Standard Product

Avoid custom development by leveraging the performance of a proven system design resulting from extensive offshore operational experience and rigorous product development and testing.

Multiple Machine Control

Reduce cost of ownership and achieve higher asset utilisation by enabling multiple items of deck equipment to be controlled from one X-Wave™ system.

Equip your systems with cost effective, accurate motion compensation without the time, risk and cost of development and testing.

Reduce operational down time, improve asset utilization
and lower your project costs by specifying
X-Wave™ Motion Compensation.

Self-Tuning & Portable

Reduce commissioning time and cost as the system virtually eliminates vessel or machine specific setup or calibration. Automatically measure and compensate for process and machine performance, for example delays due to hydraulic valve and pump response, hydraulic fluid compressibility and viscosity, and actuator acceleration or power limitations.


Guarantee accuracy by continuously adapting to the changing system dynamics and self-learning both vessel motion and machine performance characteristics. Dynamically measure and compensate for changing actuator performance; for example large changes in winch drum inertia when wire is paid in and out, or when operating in degraded modes with limited power available.

Cross Platform, Modular, Stand-alone or Integrated

Straightforward application across a broad range ofretrofit and OEM applications using a modular design approach. Can be implemented in a dedicated realtime controller, microcontroller, standard industrial PLC or PC, or embedded directly in electric variable speed drive firmware or application software. Stand-alone control modules are available to interface to existing control systems orthe functionality can be integrated into new equipment and control systems.

Rich Functionality

A full range of operating modes to cover all operational requirements including Active Heave Compensation (AHC), Constant Tension (CT) and a hybrid AHC + CT (AHCT) mode for splash zone crossing and seabed load interface. Simulation mode is also provided to enable the operator to predict the compensation performance in the prevailing sea conditions before activating any of the ‘live’ modes.