Marine Automation


From stand-alone machinery data acquisition and logging systems with a handful of measuring points, to integrated machinery automation and control with thousands of I/O – MAP-OE™ is the go to marine automation solution for applications of all sizes.

Designed with a flexible, scalable and modular architecture it can be deployed cost effectively across all types of vessels from workboats to large dynamically positioned offshore construction vessels. With energy efficiency at its core, the system is designed for hybrid, fully electric, shore power/charging and offshore power/charging applications.

Designed from the ground up to be integrated into our secure web data portal, ship owners have real time and historical access to valuable data and analytics whilst cost of ownership is driven down by full remote maintenance, fault finding and commissioning capabilities. 

Alarm & Monitoring

  • User friendly with a familiar and contemporary look and feel.
  • Secure web server/browser based – any authenticated device on the MAP-OE network (either locally or remotely) can access the system which eliminates the need for dedicated operator station machines.
  • Unattended Machinery Space functionality via Extension Alarm System for Bridge and Accommodation areas. 
  • Remote alarms via App (or SMS messaging) that can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets to allow monitoring of critical alarms when vessel is alongside, unmanned and/or laid up. 

Live Data Trending, Historian & Audit Trail

  • Local and remote access – secure remote access from office or home device when portal integration is provided.
  • Live data trending for all analogue and digital channels.
  • Sophisticated drag and drop data historian with time range and playback features to assist with root cause analysis –allows the user to conveniently select and drag data points to be analysed onto the trending screen. 
  • Audit trail/log that records all operator input to the system to assist with failure and incident investigation.

Power Management

Incorporating all of the usual power management features plus integration with alternative fuel, energy saving and decarbonisation technologies, including:

  • Synchronising, switching and load sharing (droop/isochronous/symmetrical & asymmetrical).
  • Load dependent start/stop & machine priority selection.
  • Heavy consumer blocking.
  • Blackout prevention, load limiting, shedding and phase back.
  • Non-essential consumer tripping and blackout auto restart of systems.
  • Diesel, diesel electric, diesel hybrid and all electric system integration.
  • Common AC and common DC bus management.
  • Integration with energy storage – peak shaving, spinning reserve.
  • Integration with shore power/charging and offshore power/charging.

Vessel Performance & Cargo Monitoring

  • Propulsion power, auxiliary generator power, energy usage, fuel consumption, heavy consumer consumption, hotel plant (HVAC, lighting) consumption.
  • Trim, heel, wind speed, weather & voyage monitoring.
  • Vessel motion monitoring.
  • Reefer container monitoring.
  • Equipment condition monitoring.
  • Novel fuel saving technology monitoring.
  • Liquid cargo transfer monitoring.

Propulsion Control

  • Remote control of conventional diesel, diesel electric, diesel hybrid and all electric propulsion systems.
  • Interface with PMS, DP & Joystick systems (where applicable) for blackout prevention, load limiting, shedding and phase back.
  • Common AC and common DC bus management.
  • Integration with energy storage – peak shaving, spinning reserve. 
  • Integration with shore power/charging and offshore power/ charging. 

Auxiliary Machinery & System Control

  • Bunkering, fuel oil & lube oil systems.
  • Seawater, freshwater, technical & potable water systems.
  • Bilge, ballast & auto healing systems.
  • Exhaust gas scrubbing and ballast water treatment systems. 
  • Valve & pump control systems.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Hatches & shell door control.
  • Cranes, winches, cargo handling and lifting equipment.
  • Specialist ‘mission’ systems such as dredging, cablelay, pipelay, launch and recovery systems.

Safety & Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)

  • Vessel wide emergency shut down systems.
  • Main engine, generator & auxiliary machinery safety systems.
  • Hazardous cargo (LNG) transfer emergency release systems.
  • Future fuel safety systems for example Hydrogen, Ammonia & Methanol.
  • Watertight door indication. 
  • Fire & gas system integration. 

Engineering & Diagnostics

Detailed engineering screens are provided to enable the crew to quickly identify any failures on the system, from an individual sensor or input to complete real time network diagnostics. When portal integration is provided, remote support for fault finding is only a click away. This provides the operator with an easy and intuitive visual indication of any anomaly, to assist with rapid identification and isolation of faults. When portal integration is provided, remote support for fault finding is only a click away available to shoreside technical support staff to assist vessel crew. 


Owner Benefits

  • Cost effective, flexible, modular & scalable. From a simple stand-alone datalogger application to a fully integrated vessel automation, monitoring & control system.
  • Prepared for the latest marine energy efficiency, alternative fuel and decarbonisation technologies.
  • Based on commercial off the shelf (COTS) marine approved I/O & controller hardware.
  • Redundant I/O & controller network for continuous availability.
  • Traditional client or web server/browser based operator interface.
  • A wide range of fieldbus interfaces to third party equipment and systems onboard.
  • Remote maintenance, troubleshooting & support.
  • Sophisticated data historian and analytics accessible via secure web portal.
  • Suitable for retrofit or new builds with worldwide availability of spare parts.

If you would like further information on how MAP-OE™ can reduce your total cost of ownership, whilst providing access to all of your fleet operational data please contact