We’re delighted to announce that this month MJR Power and Automation was awarded F4OR status by the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership and ORE Catapult.

The awards marks a journey of business improvement, and the building of a sector specific capability that typically takes between 12 and18 months and which enables the UK supply chain to bid for work in the offshore renewable energy sector.

Speaking about the award, Paul Cairns MD at MJR Power and Automation said: “We’re obviously delighted to be awarded F4OR status. The award recognises the huge amount of time, effort and diligence taken by the team to embark on a journey which recognises our sector specific capabilities and we’re hugely proud of this achievement.”

The objective of the F4OR programme – launched by ORE Catapult and sponsored by The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership – is to support the development of an increasingly competent, capable and competitive UK offshore renewable energy supply chain, maximising opportunity for the UK supply chain, both domestically and globally.

The status comes on the back of MJR Power and Automation’s already well recognised and respected reputation for delivering first to market, innovative products and solutions to the offshore renewable energy sector.

Most notably, this includes the company’s offshore charging system launched earlier this year and which is set to transform the marine sector by facilitating and accelerating the process of vessel electrification.

Set to be the world’s first offshore wind vessel charging system, with energy delivered direct from the wind turbine, the offshore charging system will enable all electric crew transfer vessels and other offshore support vessels to connect in the field to a 100% green energy source generated directly by offshore wind turbines for the efficient, safe and reliable transfer of power.

Achieving F4OR further adds gravitas to MJR Power and Automation’s reputation for being at the very forefront of innovation in the renewable energy sector and the company’s commitment to driving reduced emissions across the maritime sector to help the UK achieve its net zero targets.